Lochlan Macpherson

Sales with Ray White Frenchs Forest

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About Me

Known for his warm friendly smile, Luke has lived in the Forest area all of his life. Well-connected and respected amongst various sporting and social groups in the area, Luke has unrivalled local knowledge and understanding of the people that live there.

“I lived in Frenchs Forest whilst at primary school and moved to Belrose for the remainder of my high schooling and tertiary years where I still reside”.

Luke attended Charles Sturt University after finishing his HSC in 2007 and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) Degree. As an excellent communicator clients are led to feel comfortable and informed.

He takes a lot of pride in his work and holds his friends and family close. With a background in sales and customer service he understands how to assist purchasers and has an avid understanding of the sales process.

“I strive to give a high level of service in all areas of life, and I like to think it shows in my work”.

Luke has a strong ability to mould and understand people of all ages and backgrounds;  this allows him to communicate effectively with clients of all walks in life. Working alongside Trent Brewer and backed by the leading edge technology at the Ray White Forest Group, he has and continues to learn proven and effective real estate industry practise.