Mark Vardy

Sales with Ray White Port Augusta

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About Me

Mark’s 30 years plus of living and working on stations and farms before becoming part of the Real Estate industry is typical of the depth of experience common to Ray White Rural people. Mark lives on the land to this day - and let’s face it, he’s unlikely to move to the city any time soon, his roots are well and truly in the country. Mark’s experience base is extraordinary diverse. With many years in cattle and sheep farming, he also knows his way around cereal and legume cropping and of course, the ins and outs of running a farm day to day. Never afraid to get into any aspect of the business, Mark has also worked as a Stock Road Train Operator, getting behind the wheel of a big rig to transport livestock locally, as well as over the long interstate hauls. Mark is a natural communicator who is in his element talking with people on the land. A confident operator with decades of experience, he’s familiar with the finer points of farm profitability, and knows very well that successful agribusiness doesn’t just Happen - it takes skill, planning and insight. Mark’s easygoing nature and wealth of knowledge make him a natural choice in a wide variety of Rural Real Estate situations.