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About Me

I was reading an article written by an owner of a Real Estate Agency in which he was searching for the traits of the ideal Salesperson.

He ultimately contacted a number of business owners from around the world and had a number of odd responses:

One owner of a sizeable firm in Chicago said, “Male or female they have to like to compete. My best salespeople have had a sports background and have been the ones that come off the bench. They know what success looks like, but have a chip on their shoulder. I give them the platform to go prove themselves a winner in Real Estate if the sports stuff couldn’t do it for them.”

Other quirky characteristics seem to make up some. “No visible tattoos,” said an owner from Southern California. “But it’s not a deal killer. I’m a USC grad. If a salesperson had one that said ‘Beat UCLA’, I might hire him/her on the spot.”

“I like hunters,” said the owner of a firm in Alabama. “The natural desire to outthink situations, adjust on the fly and measure success in pounds of meat translates very nicely to Real Estate Sales.”

“My preference is to hire geeks,” said the owner of a mid-sized firm in Seattle. “Today’s technology tools have moved to the point where the computer drives about 80% of communication.”

So there you have it. The ideal Real Estate Salesperson is a scrappy, thoughtfully tattooed, slightly geeky hunter who played sports in his or her youth and has a chip on their shoulder.

Luckily for me...I loved sports as a kid, but I always lived in my brother’s shadow, I do have two, MUCH regrettable, tattoos that never see the light of day and I actually studied Cisco Networking which profoundly labels me as a geek. I must admit that I’ve never actually been hunting, but I have played ‘Big Buck Hunter’ a number of times on my iPhone.