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About Me

Sales & Marketing Consultant, Ray White Aspley Group

Michael brings to Ray White passion for life and a diversity of experience.

Born in Johannesburg in South Africa, Michael grew up with 3 brothers, and completed his schooling at Kingsway High.

Straight out of high school, Michael was drafted into the army and found himself experiencing a multitude of situations in the coming 12 years he spent with the South African Defence Force, spending his national service period in a specialised unit.

Michael spent his time in the army on the front lines of the South West African war doing mostly follow up operations and patrols throughout Angola and parts of South West Africa. He was then seconded to the townships to cease rioting in the years following and found himself able to deal with each and every situation, as unpleasant as it was at times, with a brave face and knew that anything that came his way was not a problem, but a challenge that could always be solved.

I went to Toyota for 3 years doing Production Management which wasn’t for me. So I studied further to get my printing engineer qualifications. I moved to Australia in 1995 and worked for the largest printing machine manufacturer globally Heidelberg. I decided to open my own business 7 years ago and had a lot of fun running it, but I felt I needed a change and new challenges and real estate is giving me that.

Michael has always had a strong interest in real estate and has bought and sold eight different properties, including an investment property in Logan.

Michael lives in North Lakes on the Northside of Brisbane with his 2 sons Devin (19) and Teegan (17) and they enjoy having the chance to go camping together. In Michael’s downtime he is an avid scuba diver and has achieved his Dive Master status.

Michael enjoys nothing more than interacting with people and beig able to assist them in any way possible - which is something he strives for constantly.