Peter Ellis

Real Estate Professional with Ray White Croydon Victoria

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About Me

As a Mortgage Broker/Planner, Peter has a passion for finance, and recognises that borrowers need someone on their side that offers choice and smooth, hassle free experience every time.  Peter's personalised ongoing support, full communication and meticulous approach to all that he does allows real estate buyers to relax knowing all is in hand.

Having access to 27 lenders, Peter can offer the same loans and rates as bank branches, save clients valuable time, plus best of all his service is free to his clients.

Peter’s clients get a great home loan without the hassle of visiting lender after lender, actually understand how their loan works and importantly, how to make the most of it. Focussing solely on the client, Peter builds long term client relationships and won’t “move branches” as he works for himself.

Peter also understands that not everyone can easily borrow money due to past credit concerns or defaults, maybe, because of a past life event or previously having too much debt to juggle.  He works tirelessly to help credit impaired clients buy that dream home or offer a cash flow solution.

Many clients Peter has helped have not been listened to by other mortgage providers due these credit concerns or because the amount they wish to borrow is too small. With Peter a client is valued irrespective of their past history or loan size as he wants them to have thir needs met.