Philomena Turley

Principal with Ray White Ryde

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About Me

Philomena Turley is the Principal of Ray White Ryde and brings a wealth ofexperience and management acumen to the office.Philomena has performed at the highest level in the industry over a longcareer, most of which has been spent in the local Ryde area.Renowned for her product knowledge and that burning desire to obtain thevery best results for her clients.Philomena also exhibits that trait lackingin so many namely the ability to listen and relate to people not only on abusiness level but also on a personal and compasionate basis.These traits have led to Philomena being held in high esteem by staff,collegues and the public at large.Philomena has obtained outstanding results over a long period of time whichhas led to many Industry awards and you can be well satisfied when youengage Philomena to assist you with your Real Estate needs knowing that youget a complete Professional package and a person who can relate to people onall levels.