Ray Mortimer

Principal with Ray White Wandoan QLD

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About Me

Ray Mortimer has been in the Wandoan area for over 20 years. Having owned the 7200 acre property “Conloi”, and after selling several years ago Ray has remained in the local area living on large acreage so his passion for cattle could continue. This has given Ray a solid background and working knowledge of rural properties that is very beneficial to the Real Estate industry.

Ray obtained his Real Estate license in 2007 and worked for a company in Miles for 12 months before starting Wandoan Realty in early 2009. Business has grown to the stage where there are 5 staff in the office plus a cleaning business that now employs 12 people between Wandoan and Taroom.

He has been in the rural industry all his life having had grazing and farming properties in New South Wales and Queensland and brings a wealth of knowledge in this area that proves a huge benefit to our country clients selling, buying or investing in rural and large acreage property.

Ray is the Chairman of the Wandoan Chamber of Commerce, which over the last two years has held dinners in the local area to benefit the locals with ongoing knowledge and up-to-date information on the progress and initiatives of the Mining Industry. One with the coal industry and the latest dinner with the businesses of Wandoan and QGC who are developing their gas complex west of Wandoan. This has been a great opportunity for locals to connect with the resource sector.

Ray has had a long association with the local show and was the Junior Cattle Judge Stewart for 15 years, and was associated with the local campdraft and rodeo committee for several years. Ray is also a member of the RSL and regularly marches on ANZAC day parades.