Richard Brosnan

Principal with Ray White Rural Rockhampton

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About Me

Richard is the Principal/Director of Ray White Rural Rochampton after contracting to Ray White Rural since May 2009. With more than 25 years rural industry experience in property, livestock and finance sectors of Australian agribusiness, this experience provides a wealth of knowledge, which will translate into delivery of requirements of vendors and purchasers. Prior to his current role, Richard was employed by the Commonwealth Bank as an Agribusiness Executive specifically servicing corporate and large family business. This required extensive travel throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory only contributing to his 18 years in the Agnecy business throughout Qld. This opportunity to traverse familiar country and see new areas, throughout Central, Western and Northern Queensland in particular, gaining a sound knowledge of the pastoral operations both of management and financially of leading rural producers and the country and climate they operate in. Richard maintains a passion for rural and regional production and is keen to facilitate further investment into this key part of Australia’s economy. He has ongoing relationships with succesfull large scale producers and investors with the ambition to invest in rural production throughout Australia, and believes off shore investment will continue to grow in Australia as the issue of food security grows. I enjoy the challenges and mateship of the rural industry and look forward to the impending changes occuring as business’s must address their profitability and sustainablity for the ongoing future of their families first and foremost, followed by potential off farm equity investment.