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About Me

I believe the truest indication of the level of service I provide, the experience I bring to the table and the excellent results I achieve are best summed up by my clients:

Margaret, Ashgrove

‘A thirty seven (37) year ‘reign’ in the Ashgrove home had resulted in a plethora of accumulation. Rovina recommended a great cull. This my husband and I set about with advice from Rovina to be ruthless. I still thank her for that admonition.

Time to put the home on the market! If Rovina had been extremely helpful up to this point, she now became outstanding.

Rovina’s enthusiasm, efficiency, willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty and her always pleasant manner were a joy to behold and were instrumental in bring the sale to a successful conclusion.’

Phill and Rhonda, Bardon

‘From the moment we met Rovina, the only regret we had was that we hadn’t met her earlier. Her dedication, honesty and enthusiasm were so infectious that we, as vendors, felt assured the best efforts possible were made to sell our property.’

Christine, The Gap

‘Rovina is an excellent communicator and regularly contacted me by email and we spoke by phone often. She aligned my expectations with that of the market and soon achieved a good offer on the property that subsequently fell through. However, Rovina knows how to pick herself up and dust herself off and was immediately marketing the property diligently. Finally a good offer was secured but there were some difficult negotiations that Rovina handled with considerable mastery. She ‘knows when to hold ‘em, knows when to fold ‘em, knows when to walk away…’ and all with my interests at heart.

At the end of the journey, the net amount I received for the property was within $2500 of what I had told Rovina was my bottom line. I was very happy and I believe the buyer was too. And, when Rovina proudly put up the ‘sold’ sign outside my house – it was the only one of six properties that were on the market on that street at the time that had sold.’

Barbara, The Gap

‘Selling one’s home should never be underestimated as a source of stress and anxiety, and an honest, competent and committed agent makes all the difference. We much appreciated these qualities in Rovina, as well as her energy, enthusiasm and efficiency. For anyone wanting to sell their home and looking for a real estate agent who is prepared to ‘go the extra mile’, I warmly recommend Rovina Lawrence. ‘