Sandra Pupillo

Real Estate Professional with Ray White Preston (Old)

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About Me

It’s often said in real estate that the most important person in the office is the “director of first impressions” –or in other words, the receptionist. As the face of the business to the world, it is a position with enormous importance and one that requires a very special person to make it work.Enter Sandra Pupillo. Having worked as a personal assistant to the chairman of BHP for 10 years and at another real estate for 11 years, she was seeking a change of career path and all the challenges it would bring. Joining Ray White Preston to front the reception desk in July 2012, she has acquired and developed all the skills to not just “do the job” but also perform it in a masterful manner. Not the least of her impressive portfolio of experience is attention to detail, along with polished organisational and communications skills. There’s little doubt that Sandra’s professional vibrancy and enthusiasm for her reception role comes from an active lifestyle. She enjoys keeping fit and has done the Run for Kids and Mothers Day Classic Cancer Run fundraisers. As well as enjoying keeping fit she has been known to jump out of a plane and go the other way in a hot air balloon. And just to complete the trifecta, Sandra also has a boat license. With so much going on in her professional and private life, it’s probably lucky her two boys Julian and James see her at all. So, when you call or walk into Ray White Preston, you can be sure you’ll be made welcome – after all, you’re dealing with the “director of first impressions”. Sandra will greet you from behind the desk or will answer your call to Ray White Preston on 9471 1100.