Suzette Gregory

Principal with Ray White Blackheath

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About Me

Suzette has been involved with Ray White Blackheath for over 20 years, and purchased the agency with her husband Alan Gregory in 2002. She has brought her considerable and varied talents across all aspects of the real estate industry to help establish the company as the leading real estate business in the area. Suzette is a natural saleswomen with her friendly and charming personality she instantly puts people at ease. Suzette has worked her way up through the business, starting as a Receptionist, then Property Manager, and subsequently moving into Sales. This experience makes her an invaluable member of the team as she has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the business. Her flexibility and ability to juggle means she can jump into any role necessary when required. Suzette was briefly away from the team, when she had her two daughters, and spent five years working in interior and house design.Her extensive experience in interior design is an invaluable asset to the team too – if a prospective seller is seeking improvement in the presentation of their home, Suzette can give advice on renovation, rearranging furniture or decoration tips, advice that can make all the difference to achieving the optimum sales price. She is now back on board full time and manages the largest sales team in the Upper Mountains, a staff of 10 people, and assists with all aspects of sales and property management. Suzette likens her role to having a huge family – with her own husband, two teenager daughters and the staff.