Thanh Ngo

Principal with Ray White Forest Lake

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About Me

After more than 10 years as Senior Sales person with another Ray White office in the local area, Thanh decided to open up his own real estate business. He has watched the real estate industry and the needs and expectations of people selling their homes evolve over the years. Thanh chose to join a different franchise but has now come home to open his own Ray White office in Forest Lake. Where his heart has always been.

His rise in the real estate industry has been quite extraordinary. It has become quickly obvious that this is his forte. His enthusiasm and dedication to his work has made him a well known and reputable sales professional. Thanh values honesty and customer satisfaction and strongly believes in doing the best for his clients. His dedication and enthusiasm are shown in his results.

Thanh believes that the key to his success is consistency and most importantly, his commitment to personal service for all of his clients, past and present.

Living in the local area with his family gives Thanh an 'inside knowledge' of all the advantages of moving to or investing in the area. Thanh looks forward to helping you and your family with any Real Estate needs.

Contact Thanh Ngo for all your Real Estate enquiries.

Mobile: 0412 006 147