Trish Harris

Real Estate Professional with Ray White Pakenham

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About Me

Trish has lived in Pakenham for over 9 years, previously living in Emerald and Cranbourne, so knows the area fairly well. Trish has been involved in Sales and Administration for 23 years, in varying industries.  Her sales experience includes the Motor industry, hospitality, Courier servicing and Printing.
When Trish's children were younger she attended Playgroups, kinder and early Primary School, involved in various local groups, playgroup councils & getting extra schools built, pushing the council to create better infrastructure, and less over crowding in the estates, and various other local needs.  Trish also spent 3 years campaigning the Education department and Council, alone, to get the parking for the Pakenham Hills Primary School.  Making just enough of a nuisance of herself, they listened, and the parking on Army Road and Kennedy road was her design.
In her spare time, Trish loves to read, paint, garden, play golf, go boating, and travelling. Trish has also entered some of her paintings in various Art Exhibitions, including the Archibald  in 2008.  Trish doesn't get as much time as she would like to paint, as her garden constantly gets the better of her.
Trish truly enjoys the real estate market, and hopes she can put her experience and local involvement to good use at Ray White.