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About Me

Dedicated to professionalism and delivering outstanding results, Zoe has built a strong reputation for being one of the best property managers within the Northern Suburbs. She is highly motivated and caring, taking great pride in making all her clients happy and exceeding their expectations. Combine this with her natural talent for being exceptionally well organised with attention to detail and her personal values of honesty, integrity and hard work, Zoe ensures all her client's needs are met in the highest possible way.

Her successful career spanning nearly 4 years includes growing and managing 230 investment properties for her happy investors.

As an investor herself, Zoe is able to personally empathise with the needs of her clients and give advice based not only from her extensive experience as a property manager but also her experience as a landlord.

Born, raised, living and working in the Northern Suburbs, Zoe has an intimate understanding of the area and a passion for the local real estate market. With her partner Ben Burnett, an excellent Mortgage Broker, she will ensure that your best interests are met, maximising the financial returns from your investment property while minimising all your stress with quality management.

Zoe says ‘I love meeting new people and making my clients happy. I understand your needs and I will always work hard to do what is best for you and your investment property as well as assisting your tenant with whatever is needed.’

Call Zoe on 0487 880 019 or email her on today for your FREE rental appraisal or for a friendly chat on how to maximise your investment property.