I want to know about some good public primary and secondary schools in Werribee. Pls help..

Were looking for a house buy but that all depends on my sons education. He studies in a school that has got 99 points in bettereducation and hence Id prefer to keep him in a relatively good school and I dont want to compromise with his studies. Simultaneously, well be emphasising on safety as well. Pls help me take the right decision, lovely people! Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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emm3 Jan 22, 2020
Although I did not go to a school in Werribee, I went to a primary school in Hoppers Crossing and they were very supportive of our education. Although English was my strongest during my youngest years as I went to another primary school before this, this school (Bellbridge Primary School) turned this around and made maths my strongest subject as well. They also have leadership programs which are really fun. They have fairly new facilities and fun playgrounds to play on.

Werribee Secondary College is a great school for a secondary school. It is an international school that has IB. I am a year 11 VCE student studying at this school and I feel like I belong. Teachers are all nice and are always keen to help. There are a few activities that you can do at school such as Cadets, Chess club, choir and many more. I was in choir and the teachers and the students there were all so friendly and made my lunchtime practise so fun. I made plenty of new friends both from the mainstream classes and the select entry learning program class and we all get along very well.

These areas can feel a little uneasy but if you have a phone and you're with someone such as a friend, you should be fine.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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