The Dirt on West Hobart - especially noise levels please

I hear only great things about West Hobart which makes one suspicious. I'd like a balanced and honest set of insights and opinions about all the downsides. I'm mainly interested to know the realities of day-time noise in the area.

We plan on moving within the next 6 months and would appreciate any stories, anecdotes, cautionary tales, etc...
I'm thinking barking dogs, share-houses, parties, renovators, burglaries, people who like to bang rocks together as a form of rest and relaxation, and so on....

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Dennisg51 2yrs+
You can find the right spot, just be aware of the major arteries for traffic; Murray, Arthur, Hill, Warwick, Landsdowne, Goulburn, Forest - if you go for a major view high up on Knocklofty then make sure your right at the top BUT then in my opinion yr too far away from Hobart - can't walk to cafes, cinema, shop, etc.

I lived in Union/Browne region and loved it, just local traffic & I was a home business, good neighbours! I still have a home in Faraday St, south side so it takes in nice views over the Derwent, Sandy Bay & Sth Hobart - yet still a comfortable walk to amenities. Faraday has a good range of classical homes with many being renovated, parking by city workers is the major negative.

I'd suggest taking some good daily walks near the area you like, speak to neighbours - I always found street people only too willing to smile, stop and chat, sadly something missing in today's fast paced world!! Good Luck.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
BrianW1 2yrs+
West Hobart is full of tiny overpriced blocks of land with very limited parking. A lot of dark houses crammed in, commuters parking in your street and noise everywhere. Big dogs crammed in small yards - noise all day and night. Too close to your neighbours and no privacy. Lots of traffic avoiding the main roads into the city fill the streets of West Hobart. It is also full of people who think they are better than everyone else. There is no sense of community, just people posing and pretending to be a community and saying how fabulous it all is when the reality is very different. A very snobby and unwelcoming place. But then Smallbear I read your review of Mount Stuart and I think you will fit right in as West Hobart is full of very judgemental people!
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
smallbear 2yrs+

I can't resist the bait though... I think what you've said about West Hobart is spot on, it applies equally to Mount Stuart and doubly so.

I'm sorry I upset your self-image, but I I don't intend to rile you up even more as there's already been enough said about Australians false self-image as 'easy-going' in The Lucky Country. But you know, I'm glad you're not actually as non-judgemental as you think you are, otherwise you'd be in denial like the rest of Tasmania. We need to tell people the truth, as uncomfortable as it may be.

I could rephrase my review of Mt Stuart to say something more mild-mannered like 'people here are all lower middle-class and tradesmen with low standards and a low regard for others....' and maybe in time I will mellow it out a bit... but people who don't want to see reality will always find excuses to scapegoat the truth-teller. Twas ever thus, I'd only be making it a little more difficult and thereby annoying people even more. Why do you think our beloved Wilkie fled to Tasmania Le Carre-style and opened a rug shop? Aussies don't like whistle-blowers.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
MeQ 2yrs+
Having lived on Poets Rd for the past 7 years I have noticed the amount of traffic going past our house to get up to the top of Knocklofty has increased. There are some days that the traffic can be so busy that you think you are living on a main road. I hear people going about their business, lawns being mowed, dogs barking, music and in general - people living their lives. But that is what inner-city life is like and having said that, I wouldn't trade houses with anyone. There is going to be inner city noise anywhere here - because you are in the city!!!! I work and so does my husband - do we think we are better than anyone else - NO. Do I care if someone else thinks they are better than us - NO...why because I don't let other peoples opinions about me upset me. We have made great friends in the area and people do genuinely care about each other here - and we all keep an eye out for each other and each others property.
I have family that lives at Lesley Vale on 5 acres.......I can hear bicycle riders talking a km off!!! Roosters and crows crowing, people using chain saws, trucks going past, horses neighing and dogs barking!!! in all fairness unless you want to live in a bubble and become a hermit in total isolation - go and get earplugs and get over it.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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