What time do the morning trains from Woy Woy start to get crowded - ie seats unavailable?

We own a house in Woy Woy and are thinking of moving up soon and commuting to Wynyard 4 days a week- my work day is flexible so just wondering what schedule is best if you want to sit (and work) on the train. Morning and evening times would be great. Thanks
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kylieb23 Dec 06, 2018
I have lived in Woy Woy for the last 4 years and commute to the city 3 days a week. I've seen the trains become progressively busier in that time, so I am now more strategic about which morning trains I catch. The really early trains departing Woy Woy for the city from 5:00am to 7:00am are already quite full from people getting on at Gosford. You will usually get a seat, however on an Oscar train at this hour you will probably have to squeeze yourself between two heavy-set sleeping tradies in a triple seat, which isn't conducive to working if you need space to get out a laptop and you'll be disrupted by having to get up to let people off. If you can leave Woy Woy later, say after 7:00am, you may not get a window seat but will be more comfortable because its less crowded, and once people get off at Hornsby you might score a window seat which is easier to work in as you won't need to get up to let others off. The downside to catching later trains is that more people tend to be oblivious (or just plain disrespectful) of the quiet carriage policy, which is where you'd want to be to work. On the earlier, busier trains the majority of people people are either asleep or working, and more respectful of quiet carriages. New trains are being implemented next year so everyone is hopeful of better designed trains that are accessible for everyone and can accommodate the large quantity of commuters and luggage.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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